5 Uncomfortable Truths I Needed to Learn Again in 2023

From the pitfalls of overcommitting to the false allure of doing everything yourself, I’m sharing some valuable insights from the uncomfortable truths and painful realities I experienced this past year. 2023 was a rough year for many solopreneurs, who learned the hard way that it was anything but business as usual.  Potential clients were fewer, sales cycles were longer and the status quo just wasn’t cutting it.  One of the hardest things about being a solopreneur is that we wear so many hats.  One of the best parts about being a solopreneur is that we can go from insight to action faster than with any other business model.  

Join me for this solo episode as I unpack the importance of strategic planning, discerning options from opportunities, recognizing that more is not necessarily better and focusing on spending more time in your zone of genius. Learn from my experiences so you can start this year off focused, fired up and flame retardant. 


Here are 3 key takeaways from the episode:

✏️  Less is better: Diann's lesson about focusing on her zone of genius and getting help with tasks outside of it reminded us that trying to do everything ourselves isn't sustainable. Instead, embracing the idea that others can do certain tasks better and faster can be a game-changer for our businesses.

✏️ Discerning opportunities from options: The discussion on aligning opportunities with our values and goals was a wake-up call to carefully evaluate where we invest our time and energy. Diann's cautionary tale about overestimating the value of options and dealing with FOMO hit close to home for many of us.

✏️ The power of planning: Diann's recommitment to planning at least one quarter ahead in 2024 serves as a reminder of the importance of being prepared. It's not just about being strategic and sustainable but about reducing the risk of burnout in our businesses and lives.

These uncomfortable truths may be tough to face, but they also pave the way for growth and transformation  in the new year and point me in the direction of right sizing, boundaries and burnout proofing my business.  Listen now to see how many of these uncomfortable truths apply to you and what to do about them. 


Mic Drop Moment 🎙️

"Being a Jill of all trades is not a flex, even if your ego freaking loves it."


Mentioned in this episode: 

Capsho: https://www.capsho.com/

Cast Magic: https://www.castmagic.io/ 


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